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Producet regranulates

Used machines
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07-130 Łochów,

ul. Fabryczna 12

Mazowieckie, Polska

tel: +48 25 644 00 65

tel/fax: +48 25 644 00 59

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Company Reproplast was established in 2003 as a continuation of the partnership, which dates back to 1980. From the very beginning of our activity we are producing high quality regrind plastics, in particular polypropylene and elastomers: TPE, TPO, TPV, SEBS, SBS.

We currently produce about 600-700 tons per month regranulates and all the time we increase our production. We plan to achieve sales regranulates our production of 1,500 tons per month. We have all the appropriate permits authorizing us to issue documents confirming the recovery and recycling.

Our many years of knowledge, experience and modern machinery allows us to implement new technologies which in turn translates into a very high quality and customer satisfaction. We are able to customize the parameters for the materials to meet the needs and expectations of our customers.


 Our company provides a constant supply of repetitive, 

high quality products and competitive prices. 

We buy residues.

We provide services crushing, grinding and pelleting of plastics.
In parallel, we sell used machines for plastics processing.

Provide constant and reliable cooperation.



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